About Us

The best thing is to look natural, but it takes makeup to look natural

- Calvin Klein

Are you frustrated with the mixed and unreliable messages of the cosmetics industry in your country? Trust me, you are not alone.

On a random search for a new moisturizer, mainly due to the limited choices available in the local market, I came across one that caught my attention. Since I had not heard of the brand before, I decided to do a little research on it and was shocked to find the huge scale of pricing of the same product on different sites which caused me to question its authenticity. So, I contacted the manufacturer directly and found that most of these sites are selling at over triple the recommended price and some were in fact were counterfeit products carrying the branding and name.

As my only sister is very different from me, being generation wise as well as interest, I sought her opinion and found that we do in fact have some things in common which is a general questionability on authenticity of online products. Especially in the GCC market where products tend to be overpriced and ineffective and only popular due to which fashionista used what!

And then Kanjal was born!


Due to the combined years of living and travelling abroad both in Europe and the USA, and exposure to brands and products unavailable in the GCC market, we identified an extensive list of high-quality affordable products from various brands.

We bring you products that we believe in. In the comfort of your own home, you will be able to tailor an experience that is specific to your skin type and personal preferences.
We aim to provide products that will accommodate the needs of every woman. Whether you are getting ready for a day at the office, or that wedding of the season, no woman is left behind. You will find what you need at your fingertips.

Deena Al Asfoor Founder
Mayan Al Asfoor Co-Founder.