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Because of the Covid-19 epidemic, and the requirements of social distancing and wearing masks, Amal Al Jamali designed those wonderful masks that carry an Omani touch while conforming to the requirements of the Omani Ministry of Health and World Health Organization.

Unlike single use masks that are made of environmentally harmful plastic, these three layered masks are made of a beautiful outer layer that is made of cotton, silk or dentelle. All masks are lined with a middle protective layer and an inside cotton layer for comfortable wear.


Amal Al Jamali

Amal Al Jamali is a women fashion designer from the Sultanate of Oman. Amal has had a passion for fashion and designing since childhood, and is considered to be the first Omani designer to mix the oriental and western designs as she draws inspiration from the Omani culture and infuses them with a unique modern flavour.
She started as a designer in 2005, before that she studied business administration and was the Director of training and staff development in the Ministry of Social affairs.
Amal Al Jamali is considered to be one of the few Omani designers who were successful in mixing the traditional Omani culture with modern designs. From her early beginnings with crafting Omani silver, her passion led her to inventing clothes, accessories and unique furniture pieces in which she was able to offer a blend of the east and west.


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