Collection: Kao Liese


Kao Liese is a Japanese Brand that specialize in Hair colors, and is one of 26 brands owned by Kao Corporation.  

Kao Corporation (花王株式会社Kaō Kabushiki-gaisha) is a Japanese global chemical and cosmeticscompany headquartered in Nihonbashi-Kayabacho, Chūō, TokyoJapan..

Kao was established in 1882 by Tomiro Nagase as a manufacturer of domestic toiletry soap. Until 1954, they were known as Kao Soap Company (花王石鹸株式会社), and finally in 1985 to Kao Corporation.

Fun Fact:

In 2021 two of Kao’s products, the 3D Space Shampoo Sheet and the Space Laundry Sheet, were chosen to be sent to the International Space Station, with the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) in 2022.


Kao Liese